Prosthetic Dentistry



Typically porcelain crowns are placed when a significant amount of tooth structure is lost and when placing a filling would jeopardize the integrity of the tooth or compromise the aesthetics or strength. Generally, they cover the top of the tooth and go down the side of the tooth, holding it together to prevent further damage to the teeth. Traditional crowns have gold inside of them with porcelain bonded to the outside for aethetics. These are sturdy and durable and hold up well to the 200 pounds of pressure put on them during chewing function. The newer porcelain crowns are called “second-generation” materials because they are stronger and more durable than the original porcelain type materials that were used thirty years ago. These new materials have more flex, better wear, more translucency to match the natural color of your teeth and they bond better to either the tooth or the metal underneath the porcelain on the porcelain/metal crowns.


Are placed when there are one or more teeth missing and the objective is to stabilize the bite, prevent the adjacent teeth from tilting, and the opposing teeth from dropping down into the space that has been lost. When there is no adjacent tooth on one side, we may do a cantilever bridge, which is supported by only one tooth. (It can have two teeth on one side and then extend out on the other by itself.) There are a few different types of bridges including the Maryland Bridge, which can be conservatively in the areas that have low torque and two teeth that have never been touched.


Generally refers to the replacement of an entire arch of teeth with a removable appliance with either plastic or porcelain teeth on it.


If there are a few teeth left, then it is referred to as a partial denture. This will either have acrylic base holding it in place, or it will have metal clasps to secure it to the adjacent teeth. Generally when a denture is placed for the first time, it takes a while to get used to it, since it is a foreign body in your mouth. Dentures should be brushed just like you would your natural teeth because they can build up tarter on them.


Is typically a titanium screw that is placed into the jaw bone in the area that a tooth is lost. It is left in the bone for a period of approximately 4-6 months to let it “fuse” with the adjacent bone. At this point, a metal top is placed on the screw post to create a hole in the gum for the crown to emerge from. After that has been in the tissue for a short while, then a crown can be placed over that post. It is either cemented or screwed in, depending upon the type of implant system.
Advantages of implants are that they don’t involve the adjacent teeth and therefore are more conservative in that respect.


Zirconium oxide has been widely used in medicine as hip or joint implant materials.And ever since the production cost of this oxite dropped dramatically it also found field of use in dentistry as a crown and bridge material which with its strength is to substitute the metal framework. As an esthetic and reliably strong material zirconium oxides are offering a good alternative to replace the posterior pfm bridges(porcelain fused to metal). This material is not only heat and shock resistant but at the same time it doesn’t transmit heat end electricity so the sensitivity that you find due to electrolysis at metallic crown and bridges with other metallic elements such as amalagam fillings or clasps of partial dentures you don’t have with zirconium oxides. It is a light material and has a good transmission of light.

Advantages of Cercon Zirkonia Crowns & Bridges

Less cold and hot sensitivity
Cercon material is not opaque .
Cercon is non- allergic material .
Cercon is very compatible material with gingiva
Cercon material provides you by better oral hygiene, that makes it the material of choice in the posterior (back molars) & also in the anterior region(front teeth ) as well.
Cercon is much more brilliant, lighter and more aesthetic than metal fused porcelain crowns.

Cercon System Can Be Applied On :

Single crowns
Implant supported crown and bridges.

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